Fine Art

Evocative images of sailing and sea can fill with light, wind and colors the emotive spaces of your free time, or the physical spaces of your working place. A glance will be enough to bring you to the rustle of the waves and the splashes powered by the wind. Franco Pace’s archive offers a wide range of images that can fulfill your expectation of an emotional moment with the panels and compositions illustrated in the FINE ART section.


The perfectly opaque and glare-free surface allows you to appreciate the image from any angle, with a very pleasant and decorative effect. Each work is signed by the author.

The images are printed in high resolution on rigid Forex panels. They are 5 mm thick, non-flammable, insensitive to humidity and maintains the quality and color fidelity over time. The panels can be made in various sizes and customized cuts. For information on formats and prices, please send an email.


The compositions offer a different graphic mode in the presentation of the image, breaking it down into 6 squares. These too are printed on Forex. Each work is signed by the author.

The squares can be 50 × 50 cm., 75 × 75 cm. or 100 × 100 cm. each. In the first case the total dimensions of the composition will be 154 × 102 cm., In the second 231 × 153 cm. and in the third of 308 × 204 cm. On request they can also be made in other sizes.